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Darkness Vs. Age
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Love Don't Alway Look Like This
The Rest of the Story
Time Changes the Hands of Time!


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Darkness Vs. Age

We grow up hearing, over-hearing, and listening to those before us. When we're small children, we laugh at their wisdom because we don't understand and we think their funny.

When we're teenagers, we scoff at them because we think we know it all and they are soooo dumb!

When we become young adults, many times, we resent them. We think it's because they are against us, but in reality it's because it's not easy to walk in truth.

I'm one of them now!

I remember hearing those before me talk about driving at night.

Lacy Squares Bracelet (#8)

Lacy Squares Bracelet is designed by Monika Extrano. She lives in Portland, Europe and loved designing beadwoven jewelry.

She offers easy to read tutorials, which you can find at her Etsy store ( or at Craftsy (

I enjoyed making this bracelet, using green-toned tila bead, 4mm gold pearl beads, and gold 11/0 seed beads.

You can find this bracelet for sale in my Etsy shop @ or

Love Don't Alway Look Like This

Love Don't Always Look Like This...the name of a sermon I listened to on the car radio on the way to church. It touched me so...  When I located the gentleman who delivered the sermon, I certainly want a copy.

I'm just going to share a little...which for me...made a big impact.

Love Don't Always Look Like This

Love Don't Always Look Like This

The Rest of the Story

I returned my father's house after work. He was coming out of the house when I got there.

He had cleaned the area that I told him to clean. And he asked, "Well, how did I do? Did I have a good job?"

I said, "Yes, Daddy, you did." And then I thought, that's what I used to ask!

My friend and I worked in yard and put bricks down to make him steps up to the front porch, where the original ones had cracked.

When all was done, I stood back and observed the finished work. Pictures of my past came to my mind.

Time Changes the Hands of Time!

TimeChanges the Hands of Time

I went to my father's house to get some information this morning. It's a sunny, lightly brisk Friday morning at about 10:15 a.m. My father is 85. He's a widower.

The house was built in 1971, where I spent most of my teenage years. My sisters have lived there, our children have lived there, our grandchildren have lived there. Various events and memories live in that house.

As I was leaving to go back to work, I observed how much things have been neglected outside.

Tony and Charlie Move Forward

Charlie finally made it over to Tony's garage to check on him and his progress. He decided to take a water break and give his friend some time.

He shared that he was just checking out the blueprints he had drawn up for the assembly of the pews.

He also shared that he had come across a great deal on 4 microphones and one head set. Tony was feeling pretty good about the progress in rebuilding the church.

Aging and Wisdom

I've noticed as I get older, that people of and from the past (friends, family, neighbors, co-workers) seem to increase in value.

I believe for the majority of us (baby boomer generation and older) we paid no attention to the obits when we were in our teens, even twenties. However, those passing on are more our age now as we scan the pages.

Each time I see someone I know listed, those that are left behind mean even more to me. My generation is decreasing. I can imagine how my mother and father feel.

Tony and Naomi

Tony Working in His Garage

Tony has been working hard to fulfill his commitment to make, at the minimum, 8 pews. It's a little easy for him to commit his time, since he owns his own business and the family works together to keep it running successfully. He just about has all of the wood cut and sanded! He has to cut and sand approximately 16 pieces of wood for each pew!

Tony thought he would take a playful break with 3 of their dogs as they were demanding his attention.

While at a flea market, Naomi and Ruth were out shopping for material for the choir robes Naomi committed herself to.

Charlie's Day

Charlie decided to take a chill day today.She and the members of The Beyond the Veil Church have a huge assignment in front of them. They have to rebuild the church. They also have to find another pastor. They have decided to combine their talents to do as much as they can. They reminded each other in their last meeting how in the Bible, God's chosen people got together and used their talents to not only build the tabernacle in Exodus, but also, rebuild the Walls in Nehemiah.

The Wilson Sextuplets

You willnow meet theWilson sextuplets. Yes, there must be something in the water at Beyond the Veil Church.

Rebecca, Ruth, Naomi, Dorcas, Lydia, and Esther were the daughters of Pastor John and First Lady Elizabeth Wilson. Unfortunately, they were in the church at the time of the fire. They were at the altar praying together when the old boiler in the basement blew up. How ironic, they were praying for a new boiler. With the building of the new church, their prayer is answered!

To make the girls birth even more spectacular, they were born on December 24th, all 3 minutes apart!