Spiritual Gifts 4 U - Animals
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The animal kingdom is a large part of Creation. Learning about them contributes to other educational subjects, such as Math: (the weight on an animal, how long does a mother carry her offspring), Science: (what do certain animals eat, how does a certain animal get it's food), Geography: (where does a particular animal live), and Grammar: (how do you describe an eagle, how tall can a giraffe grow).

The habits of animals teach us about listening, perspective,  critical thinking, and survival skills. Parental animals can teach unconditional love. They can even contribute to parental skills in raising our children, as they have built in instincts!

Each animal comes attached to an 8 x 11 sheet with a little information teaching just enough about it. It is enclosed in a plastic protective sheet.

Each one can be purchased in the languages of English, Spanish, or French. You are welcome to suggest any language.

Edgar Eagle
Edgar Eagle is 51/4 inches wide and 23/4 inches tall.
Price: $5.00
Sylvester Squirrel
Sylvester Squirrel is 41/2 inches wide x 4 inches tall.
Price: $5.00