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Spiritual Gifts 4 U - God's gifts 2 me 4 U
This web site, is first dedicated to the memory of my son, Clyde Matthew Carr, who left this life much too early. He passed away on June 27th, 1993 (10-years-old) to Leukemia.
My name is Donna J. Smith. I have 2 daughters (Chavae and Samantha, who have given me 2 sons (Melvin and Darrell). They have given me 7 grandchildren and 1 great-grand child! 
I have crafted since I was 9-years-old, being taught by my mother.
A teddy bear represents my son Clyde Matthew Carr that I lost on June 27, 1993 to Leukemia. Much of the work that I do is inspired by his life and death. He was 10-years-old.
It is my vision and dream to establish a "Scarves 4 Life" day to be recognized every June 27th. The scarves are color coordinated to represent a particular cancer (pink: breast cancer, orange: Leukemia, etc.) Half of the sale of each scarf is donated to the research of cancer for that particular corresponding color.
I enjoy surfing the web for different crochet patterns, especially scarves. I plan to offer a large selection of many types of scarves.  Jewelry is probably my second craft love. I also enjoy plastic canvas and sewing.
I recognize, give thanks and appreciate all of my family members who encourage and tolerate my passion for crafts.
Pray for my visions.
It is so named, Spiritual Gifts 4 U, because I feel that God has blessed me with many talents, dreams, and visions. So with these Spiritual Gifts that He gives to me, I give to you!